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It is a surreal sight. Hundreds of people running in the cold, pitch-black of a mid-autumn night, their faces lit porn escort from below by neon bands on their arms. And in the middle of this mass of humanity is 39-year-old solicitor Simone George, running on her own, glossy jet-black hair streaming down her back and tears running down her face. ‘I girl sex video call it my 10k run and cry,’ she says.She is taking part in Life Style Sports Run In The Dark, a five and ten-kilometre race launched four years ago after Simone’s fiance, 38-year-old blind adventurer Mark Pollock, fell out of a two-storey-high window in 2010. He broke his back in three places and is paralysed from the waist down.The run takes place in 45 cities across the world and raises money for research into a cure for paralysis. A film about Simone and Mark, called Unbreakable: The Mark Pollock Story (released in Ireland and coming to the UK in the New Year), tells how they have overcome seemingly impossible hurdles.
Light in the dark: Blind athlete Mark Pollock, 38, pictured with fiance Simone George, fell out of a two-storey-high window in 2010, broke his back in three places, and is now paralysed from the waist downOriginally from Holywood in County Down, Northern Ireland, Mark was five when he went blind in one eye aged five from a retinal detachment. This occurs when the retina comes free from the inner part of the eyeball.The problem affected his other eye when he was 22. In spite of two desperate operations to save his sight, he went completely blind.He subsequently forged a successful career as a motivational speaker and adventurer.Simone and Mark met when he took up salsa dancing and she, a solicitor, offered to help him learn.They were just four weeks away from marrying when Mark suffered his catastrophic accident.Simone has said that back then, she didn’t worry about Mark following his heart on extreme adventures, because he was so well prepared. ‘It is normally the mundane that gets you,’ she said. And that’s exactly what happened.Mark had been staying in a house with friends visiting Henley for the famous regatta when he decided to have an early night and went up to bed alone.
Walking tall: Mark Pollock in the Ekso bionic suitSimone was in Ireland, planning their big day.Inexplicably, Mark fell from his bedroom window and crash-landed on to concrete, fracturing his skull and breaking his spine. To this day, he has no idea how it happened. He spent 16 months in hospital.So marriage plans were put on hold and Simone found herself taking a year-long sabbatical and spending day after day sitting by Mark’s bedside.The spinal cord relays movement commands from the brain as well as sensory information back from the body up to the brain.It also controls certain automatic sensory information back from the body to the brain, and affects some automatic bodily functions such as breathing, sweating and regulating the body’s blood pressure.With a diagnosis of complete spinal-cord injury, Mark had no significant movement or feeling below his belly button.Although he believed he might pick up on his adventuring again, albeit in a wheelchair, a training trip to Norway made him realise that this was not possible.‘I didn’t get the same buzz,’ he mourns. ‘I was being helped too much. Finding a cure for paralysis has become my adventure.’Simone says: ‘I read literature about his condition almost from the moment he was in hospital.‘When Mark’s South Pole team-mate, Simon O’Donnell, came to see him, I noticed that he was reading a book about neuroplasticity – how the brain and central nervous system are ‘‘plastic’’ and capable of change. It may be one of the keys to helping paralysed people.’Simon offered to help Mark with physical training. ‘Without that, I think we would have given up on our quest,’ says Simone.‘It’s hard enough going to the gym at the best of times, never mind when it takes three hours to get up, have a shower and get out of the door.’Mark points out that in order to cure paralysis, we need to be aware of the unpleasant realities that come with it, such as lack of bladder control.And he gives an example to show how his paralysis affects every single moment of the couple’s lives. ‘If I want to turn over in bed at night, I have to be physically wide awake and use my arms to lift up my legs, and then I disturb Simone.’Following a fundraising drive, Mark became the first person to have his own £100,000 Ekso Bionics exoskeleton suit, which allows him to walk, with support. ‘Now I can hug my girlfriend,’ he says.He already holds the accolade of being the first blind person to reach the South Pole on foot, and has also won two Commonwealth Games medals for rowing.He and Simone travelled to Los Angeles earlier this year to take part in a ground-breaking experiment. ‘Scientists from a number of disciplines are looking at a cocktail of treatments for paralysis,’ he explains.‘This is a combination of therapies, including robotics, electrical stimulation and drugs.’He has volunteered himself to help the scientists in their quest.Simone adds: ‘This is exciting stuff, this quest for a cure. And Mark does the hard stuff – the training, the drugs and the rehab.‘Even if these interventions don’t help Mark, we hope to contribute to science which helps others.’Race In The Dark is an acknowledgment of their current situation, and the atmosphere is electric with hope for the future.‘The first year we did it was in Dublin and it was raining so hard,’ recalls Simone.‘A man came over and told us that his baby had a spinal injury – hearing about Mark’s struggle was keeping him going.’ takes place on November 12 in five official locations. Visit markpollocktrust. org/video. 

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Ebola screening plans are ‘far from perfect’ and will fail to stop the deadly virus hitting Britain, Boris Johnson said vip eskort yesterday.The London Mayor joined those questioning Britain’s response to the outbreak, following delays and indecision over the introduction of screening.In escort bayan the latest move, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says callers to the NHS’s non-emergency 111 helpline will be quizzed about potential escort exposure to ebola if they report common symptoms.Scroll down for video 
bayan escort Trial run: Dressed in protective clothing, medical workers from Hillingdon Hospital in Uxbridge, London, take part in national exercises to test Britains readiness for ebolaThe Government announced last week that screening would be introduced at Heathrow and Gatwick airports and the Eurostar terminal in London, but has so far failed to say when it will start.Mr Johnson admitted that it was a ‘far from perfect solution’ and said it put No 10 ‘at risk of seeming to promise stuff that doesn’t really make any sense’.He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show there had been ‘fantastic preparations’ to cope with any cases in Britain but warned he still expected to see it reach London.
NHS call centre workers to quiz those with potential Ebola symptoms and ordered to send ambulance…
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One of the lucky few: Mother-of-three who survived Ebola leaves treatment centre in Liberia as…
Government plan to tackle Ebola threat doesnt really make any sense, claims Boris Johnson as…
‘I have little doubt that eventually there will be a case of ebola in this country and probably in this city,’ he said, adding that it was impossible to blood test everybody coming into the country.Britain’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, said the country should expect ebola cases in the coming months. She said screening was a ‘blunt instrument’ but insisted it was ‘the right thing to do’, adding: ‘It will not be surprising if we have spillover into this country, so I would expect a handful of cases in the next few months.’
Little doubt: Mr Johnson admitted that screening was a ‘far from perfect solution’. He told the Andrew Marr Show, pictured, that he expected the disease to reach the country – and probably spread to LondonMr Hunt will make a statement to the Commons today giving greater detail about the screening, and announced that he had asked for 111 workers to refer ‘higher risk’ cases to emergency services.Callers with potential symptoms of ebola, including breathing problems, fever, diarrhoea and vomiting, will be questioned about their travel history and those at risk of exposure will be assessed by ambulance workers ‘with appropriate protective equipment’, he said.Similar questionnaires about travel history and potential exposure are expected to be introduced at Heathrow, Gatwick and the Eurostar terminal. Travellers arriving from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea – the three countries worst hit by the disease – will be quizzed, followed by health checks for those who admit they could have come into contact with the virus.Experts warn that people could lie to avoid delays and inconvenience and that anyone with ebola can go for days or even weeks without showing any symptoms. Doctors say screening is unlikely to be effective in stopping the virus from entering Britain and have accused the Government of using it as a ‘political gesture’.In the US, it has been confirmed that a nurse in Texas has tested positive for ebola – the first person known to have caught the disease in America. The woman, who has not been named, had tended to a Liberian victim at a hospital in Dallas and authorities said her diagnosis suggested there had been a breach in safety protocol.In Spain, another nurse who contracted the disease treating patients from West Africa remains in a serious condition in a Madrid hospital, although she is showing signs of ‘slight improvement’.Ebola has killed more than 4,000 in West Africa, although Dr David Nabarro, the British expert in charge of the UN’s response, said he hoped the spread of the killer virus will be ‘under control’ in three months. 
On alert: Staff at Newcastles Royal Victoria Infirmary carry out an ebola exercise with a patient on Saturday
UK Health department stages simulation for Ebola outbreak
Knowledge about the need for quarantine and isolation of sufferers was growing in the region and international help has increased, he said.Britain has begun loading a hospital ship, RFA Argus, with medicine and equipment to take to West Africa and has promised to deploy 750 soldiers to help.The ship, currently docked in Falmouth, Cornwall, will carry three Merlin helicopters that will be used to transport medics in the area.A British aid flight also landed in Sierra Leone yesterday. It was delivering beds, biohazard suits, tents and ten vehicles, plus equipment for a 92-bed unit being built by a UK team.Aid delivered so far includes ambulances, water tanks and incinerators for the disposal of contaminated material. STUDENTS WILL BE MONITORED BY UNIVERSITIES  Universities are to monitor students from ebola-hit countries amid fears they could have been exposed to the deadly virus.Some 20,000 students from the West African region worst hit by the outbreak are studying at British universities.Cleaners in student halls have reported to been warned to watch out for symptoms including signs of blood or vomit in bedrooms.Ebola is spread through contact with body fluids and any outbreak in shared halls could spread quickly with students sharing kitchens and bathrooms. Students have already begun to return but will be monitored for up to three weeks, the maximum incubation period for the virus, The Sunday Times reported.Fay Sherrington, student services manager at Lancaster University, said: ‘Most universities are making sure cleaners are briefed on the risks. They have more chance of coming into contact with body fluids because they are cleaning bathrooms in residences.’  

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MORE FROM REDKNAPPS BOOK  porn Duncan Edwards was my idol escort in the fifties… I was devastated after the Munich air disasterGeorge Best, Bobby Moore and Sir Bobby Charlton all make escort bayan my team of the sixtiesDuncan Edwards joins Billy Wright and Danny Blanchflower in my team of the fifties child porno Harry Redknapp is one of the game’s most colourful and outspoken characters.Here, in the final part of his brilliant book, he reflects on a footballing world before pilates, ice baths and prima donnas…………………………………………………………………. Lionel Messi reminds me of George Best, the way he would run with the ball tight to his foot. Tap, tap, tap. He would take the ball up to defenders like that, and then swivel and go past them.There were so many great players in that Manchester United team but, even then, George stood tall.He was fresh off the boat and straight into the first team. He didn’t really bother with youth football. I can remember reading the account by Harry Gregg, Manchester United’s goalkeeper, of the first time he met George.VIDEO Scroll down to watch one of George Bests greatest Manchester United goals 
Manchester United legend George Best enjoys the attention on a beach in Majorca in 1968Great man, Harry — pulled semi-conscious injured team-mates out of a burning plane on the runway at Munich. That’s bravery. These days a midfielder receives the ball with a man marking him and we say he’s brave.Harry was also a hard man who almost used to bully opponents. Not the sort of chap that a young kid fresh over from Belfast should be messing with.The first training session George had at United, he got the ball, ripped through the defence and made to shoot. Gregg went one way, and George casually took the ball past him and rolled it into the net.Next attack, the same thing happened. ‘Do that to me again, son,’ Harry warned, from his position on the seat of his pants, ‘and you won’t be playing tomorrow.’ Yet George just laughed it off. That was what made him so magnificent.There is a fantastic clip of George playing against Chelsea. He is going through the defence, the mud is ankle deep, when Ron Harris comes across and tries to cut him in half. George rides it, carries on and slots the ball in.
Best shoots for goal under pressure from former Chelsea hard man Ron Chopper Harris
Best – pictured with his Lotus Europa car in 1969 – changed football foreverDuncan Edwards was my idol in the fifties… I was devastated after the Munich air disasterGeorge Best, Bobby Moore and Sir Bobby Charlton all make my team of the sixtiesDuncan Edwards joins Billy Wright and Danny Blanchflower in my team of the fiftiesWhere are poor Paul Gascoignes friends now he needs their help?Dalglish had West Ham stars standing and applauding at 15… then he signed for Celtic!Alan Hansen reminded me of Bobby Moore, thats why hes in my team of the Eighties John Robertson, Kevin Keegan and Phil Neal make my team of the Seventies Giggs would have solved Englands problems… he was born to play left wing Wenger heralded a change… he introduced Prozone and scouting reports to EnglandRavel Morrison has the class of Bale but his attitude is holding back his talent Vieira and Keane are warriors… they were even prepared to do battle while on TV!Why Redknapp fears that the English manager is in danger of becoming extinct  Vieira nearly crossed North London to join Spurs… and Suarez was close to signing too Pies in the canteen and throwing teacups at players… the Premier League killed all that!Sportsmails Head of Sport Lee Clayton interviews Redknapp about his new book   I was fortunate to spend the Sixties working for one of the greatest football minds this country has ever produced: Ron Greenwood.It is no exaggeration to say that Ron changed the game in England. I remember watching the 1966 World Cup and I was able to pinpoint the moves and tactics that were straight from West Ham’s training ground.
Former West Ham manager Ron Greenwood oversees England training in 1970 as Kevin Keegan stretches
West Ham players train at the Essex health centre on a dry pitchPeople talk about master coaches in football and I’ll be frank and say I haven’t seen too many; but Ron was among the few.The way England got Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters to get across defenders at the near post — I would credit Ron for that.The goals that England scored in 1966 were no accident. I used to watch Ron work for hours with the pair of them — when to pull away, how to time the return run.A lot of what Ron did stands up today. I’m not ashamed to admit that I still use lessons from Ron.
The front cover of Redknapps new book, A Man Walks On To a Pitch, which is released on Thursday   A Man Walks On To A Pitch by Harry Redknapp is published by Ebury Press, priced £20. Offer price £16 until October 21. Order at or call 0808-272-0808 — p&p is free for a limited time only. 
HARRY REDKNAPP: Duncan Edwards was my idol in the fifties… I saw his last game and was devastated…
Duncan Edwards had it all… he joins Billy Wright and Danny Branchflower in my team of the fifties
George Best is the best footballer Britain has ever produced… him, Bobby Moore and Sir Bobby…
HARRY REDKNAPP: Where are poor Gazzas friends now he needs their help?
HARRY REDKNAPP: 15-year-old Kenny Dalglish had West Ham stars standing and applauding… then signed…
HARRY REDKNAPP: John Robertson was the most unlikely professional you could see… but Nottingham…
HARRY REDKNAPP: Alan Hansen reminded me of Bobby Moore, always in the right place at the right…
HARRY REDKNAPP: Louis van Gaal could not have done better with Hull than Steve Bruce last season……
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Alan Hansen reminded me of Bobby Moore, always in the right place at the right time | Daily Mail Online
Robertson was the most unlikely professional you could see… but Nottingham Forest man makes my Seventies XI with Keegan and Neal | Daily Mail Online
HARRY REDKNAPP: George Best is still the bravest player Ive seen. Girls screaming at him and boys trying to dress like him… he changed football  | Daily Mail Online
HARRY REDKNAPP: Duncan Edwards was my idol in the fifties | Daily Mail Online
George Best is the best footballer Britain has ever produced… him, Bobby Moore and Sir Bobby Charlton all make my team of the sixties | Daily Mail Online
Duncan Edwards had it all… he joins Billy Wright and Danny Branchflower in my team of the fifties | Daily Mail Online

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Help could be at hand for aircraft passengers fed up with the sound of wailing babies, non-stop talkers or snorers.An porno Israeli company that specialises in noise-reduction products says it has a solution which could put an end to fellow travellers porno being too loud.Silentium has developed ‘Quiet Bubble’ technology that it claims creates quiet zones around passengers heads by reducing noise pollution without the need for headphones. Scroll down for video 
Quiet time: The bubble zone which would mean passengers arent forced to listen to their neighbours noise
Silentium says its Quiet Bubble technology can be embedded in aeroplane seats to cancel out ambient noise
Similar to noise-cancelling headphones, the system uses two to four speakers and four to eight microphonesThe microchip-based technology cancels out surrounding noise and can be embedded in headrests on planes, effectively turning them into noise-cancelling aeroplane seats, according to the company.Similar to noise-cancelling headphones, the system uses two to four speakers and four to eight microphones to electronically capture and silence ambient noise.Silentium chief executive Yossi Barath said: ‘Silentiums noise reduction solutions focus on improving the quality of life.‘We develop technology that allows manufacturers to introduce premium products and to elevate the “consumer experience”, while eliminating the stress, discomfort and health problems associated with exposure to noise.’ According to Silentium, the health effects include sleep disturbance, cardiovascular issues or hearing impairment. Silentium is making the technology available to manufacturers to develop new products or apply to existing products such as aircraft seats. The system can also be embedded in products in homes, offices, trains or vehicles.In an effort to lure manufacturers, the company is touting the product at this month’s Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas in Seattle.
Quiet Bubble aims to reduce stress, discomfort and health problems associated with exposure to noiseAeroplane manufacturers are also developing or designing products that would allow travellers to fly in peace.Airbus, the world’s leading commercial aircraft manufacturer, has made a patent application for a virtual reality isolation helmet that looks like something from a science fiction film.
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Designed by Frenchman Bernard Guering, the helmet would allow the wearer to fully immerse themselves in in-flight entertainment as it cancels out all other peripheral noise.Based on crude designs, the futuristic helmet would be mounted onto the back of a seat with a visor that pulls down over a passenger’s face and a high-tech headset that cancels out distracting peripheral noise.
British Airways using planes which are quieter for passengers
Airbus has made a patent application for virtual reality isolation helmet that would cancel out peripheral noise
The future of air travel? Each headset would come with a built-in video screen, glasses and earphonesEach headset would come with a built-in video screen, glasses for better viewing and earphones designed to be used while watching films, listening to music or playing video games.The helmet would be capable of dispensing pleasant scents and it would deploy a mini-airbag during extreme turbulence to protect the passenger’s head.But at this point it’s just an idea on paper and there is no guarantee the product will be developed and put into commercial use.

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Millions of savers could miss out on the chance to pass on their nest egg tax-free simply because they’ve failed escort to tick a box on a pension form.Last week it was revealed that a 55 per cent tax on pension escort bayan funds passed on to relatives as an inheritance was going to be axed.From next April, anyone who has not touched bayan escort their savings will be able to leave them as an inheritance.
Death duty: eskort Those who fail to fill in a nomination form when they take out a pension could see their family having to pay inheritance tax on the pension potBut experts are concerned that many who hope to leave their retirement pots to a loved one may find it instead falls under inheritance tax rules – and so incurs a 40 per cent charge.This is because they failed to fill in a form stating their wishes when they took out the pension. As a result, the pension may be paid out to their estate, rather to an individual. 
Why getting an inheritance from a long-lost relative is about to get less likely
SIMON LAMBERT: How heavily should inheritance be taxed? An idea to beat the IHT property trap
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How do new pension rules affect YOU? Free guide
Once this happens, the pension – which is normally exempt from inheritance tax – will suddenly be charged the death duty. 
Inheritance tax is paid on 40 per cent on any assets over £325,000 for individuals and £650,000 for couples.Danny Cox, head of financial planning at investment company Hargreaves Lansdown says: ‘It is absolutely vital to state who you want your pension to go to when you die.‘That means filling in the nomination form when you take out your pension. Otherwise on your death the money could end up being paid into your estate and your family could have to pay inheritance tax on it.’Technically, pensions are exempt from inheritance tax. But few people pass them on because money left after a saver’s death is subject to a punitive 55 per cent charge.The only exceptions are if the person receiving the cash is the saver’s husband or wife or a dependent child aged 23 or under.If the saver dies under the age of 75 and the money in the pension fund is untouched, it will escape the charge. But under the new rules from April, the only tax charge will be the beneficiaries’ standard rate of income tax when they draw the pensions. 5 TRICKS TO BEAT INHERITANCE TAX   by Rosanna Spero ■ SHARE YOUR ALLOWANCEEveryone has a £325,000 inheritance tax allowance that they can leave without their estate having to pay tax.But your partner can inherit all your estate without any tax bill because they can share your allowance — doubling it to £650,000.Inheritance above these limits is taxed at 40 per cent – so if your family inherits £500,000, the inheritance tax bill would be £70,000 if you didn’t share your allowance, but nothing if you did.■ GIVE AWAY YOUR MONEYAnything you gave away in the last seven years of your life is counted towards the value of your estate. But possessions handed over to friends and family before this aren’t.Start passing over those trinkets, expensive items and cash lump sums. If you live for another seven years, it won’t be counted.■ BE GENEROUS, TOOAnnual gifts to friends and family won’t be counted – even if you die before seven years pass. One person is entitled to a big gift of up to £3,000. You can also give any number of gifts to other people of up to £250.Family members marrying? Give your children up to £5,000; up to £2,500 for a grandchild; and up to £1,000 for anyone else.■ HAND OVER YOUR HOMEIt is likely to be your biggest asset pushing you into inheritance tax, so consider giving it away. Live for seven years after doing it and it will fall outside of inheritance tax, regardless of value.But you cannot be seen to benefit from the transfer by living in it for free.You’d have to pay market rent to the new owner of your home or income tax on the notional rent you’d pay. Beware if you’re gifting it to a married child – if they divorce, your home becomes part of their assets and will be included in any settlement.If a local council thinks you’ve given away your home to get round paying your care home fees, it could still ask for money.■ WRITE A TRUSTAlternatively, you could put your home into trust. But the taxman has strict rules if you make a gift into any type of trust, but then continue to benefit from it.Say you give away your house, but still live in it. In these circumstances, you pay 20 per cent on the transfer and the gift still counts as part of your estate. These are known as gifts ‘with reservation of benefit’.When you die, only the higher of two charges applies: the original transfer charge or the subsequent inheritance tax charge. 
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Mortgage rates have continued to fall with Tesco Bank and West Brom the latest lenders to release market-leading products.Tesco Bank has unveiled a five-year fixed rate at 2.99 per cent, while West Brom is offering a rate of 3.18 per cent for a 25 per cent deposit.
Lenders have spent most of September
cutting mortgage rates and are now offering some of the lowest deals the
market has seen in the past year.
On the house: Borrowers can now access decent mortgage deals againMortgage rates began rising in the middle of the year after hitting record lows for much of 2013. as lenders got their systems ready for new lending rules under the Mortgage Market Review.Uncertainty about when interest rates would rise and the end of the Funding for Lending Scheme for mortgages also sent pricing back up.But with the new MMR regulations settled in and the end of the year approaching, banks and building societies have their annual lending targets in mind and now appear more confident to offer top deals. 
What next for mortgage rates? Follow our coverage
Is the great property gravy train running out of steam? Average house prices FALL in September for the first time in 16 months
Interest rates are tipped to rise but mortgage rates are falling: Four steps to get a cheaper home loan while they last
True cost mortgage calculator – compare deals on both rates AND fees
Looking for a mortgage? Find the best rates and get fee-free advice
Deals: Several lenders have cut their rates
Over the past few weeks more than half a dozen major lenders have defied expectations by withdrawing their old mortgage deals and replacing them with cheaper alternatives.
Barclays, HSBC and Nationwide Building Society led the way and have now been followed by newcomers such as Virgin Money and high street names such as Halifax and Lloyds Bank.Some deals have become popular so fast that they have had to be withdrawn.
For example, Virgin Money launched a six-year mortgage at 2.99 per cent a few weeks ago, but was pulled after a few days after so much demand.
The latest offers come from Tesco Bank and West Brom with deals aimed at borrowers with a 25 per cent deposit looking for a five-year fix.Tesco Bank has a five-year fixed rate at 2.99 per cent with a £1,495 fee.A 25-year £150,000 mortgage on this deal would cost £710 a month and £44,127 over five years.In comparison, West Brom building society is offering a five-year fixed rate at 3.18 per cent with a £599 fee.But despite paying a higher rate, you could save a bit of money due to the lower fee with West Brom. The same mortgage would cost £725 a month, and cost slightly less over the five years at £44,125.Other lenders are offering even lower rates if you can put together a bigger deposit of 40 per cent.Chelsea Building Society has a five-year fixed rate at 2.85 per cent with a £1,675 fee, while First Direct has a rate of 2.89 per cent with a fee of £1,450.A 25-year £150,000 mortgage with Chelseas rate would cost £699 a month and £43,655 over five years.
The same mortgage with First Direct would cost £702 a month but 43,615 during the same period.The moves come despite continued speculation over when the Bank of England base rate is likely to push up from its historic 0.5 per cent low, increasing the cost of borrowing.
Experts have put the slew of cuts down to falls in swap rates, which lenders use to price their loans, as well as some lenders wanting to attract new business to meet end-of-year targets.
They have also said lenders are rolling up their sleeves to do business after getting used to stricter mortgage lending rules, which came into force in April and force lenders to ask people applying for a home loan more probing questions about their spending habits, to make sure the loan is truly affordable.
Another possible explanation suggested by experts for the new price war is that some lenders may have hoarded cheap cash which they received as a result of the Funding for Lending scheme.
The scheme was launched in the summer of 2012 and helped to ramp up competition in the mortgage market by allowing lenders to get access to cheap funding, on condition that they passed on the benefits of this to borrowers.
The initiative was re-focused in 2014 away from households and towards helping businesses.
It has also been a scourge to savers who have seen rates fall as a result of the scheme.


Fact not october

Apple may still be reeling from last week’s ‘bendgate’ fiasco, but it can take some comfort in the fact its rival Samsung is facing similar issues.The tech giant’s Note 4 has only been on sale in its native Korea for less than a week, but customers have already started complaining about its build quality.A photo has emerged that shows a card being placed inside a gap between the phone’s screen, and its outer metal casing – leading the issue to be dubbed ‘gap gate.’Scroll down for video 
Samsungs Galaxy Note 4 went on sale in the firms native Korea on Friday, but customers have started complaining about the devices build quality. A photo has emerged that shows a card being placed inside a gap (pictured) between the phone’s screen, and its outer metal casing – dubbed gap gateSamsung unveiled its 5.7-inch Note 4 at IFA last month, and it launched in China and Korea on Friday. It is expected to launch in more regions later this month, including the UK on the 10 October, and the US by the 23 October. 
Apple rumoured to unveil a GOLD iPad – and it could have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor like the iPhone 6 and 5S
Is this the most relaxing song EVER? Listen to the music that is scientifically proven to send you to sleep
However, reports about these dates vary.Following the launch in the firm’s home country, IT Today reported that ‘a small number’ of customers had spotted that the screen looked like it was not properly attached to the casing.Paper and cards were then placed inside the gap in the device, which retails for 957,000 Korean Won (£555 or $900), to prove how wide it was.
IT Today reported that ‘a small number’ of customers had spotted the screen of the Note 4 (pictured) looked like it was not properly attached to the casing. The 5.7-inch device retails for 957,000 Korean Won – the equivalent to £555 or $900
Models pose with the Galaxy Note 4 (top left) and Galaxy Note Edge (right) during an event in Seoul last week. It is unclear how many people have been affected by gap gate, and whether it relates to a batch of phones or is a wider problem. Samsung said: ‘The reported issue does not impact the functionality or quality of the Note 4

Its a ınci piece

Viewing this on your mobile device? Click here to view Incis GIFs.
(CNN) — To Erdal Inci, GIFs are a form of visual music.
When I started to look at the physics of music, I saw something that is unchanging. Its like you have a unique moment, and it repeats endlessly in the form of musical notes. I realized that I could do the same thing in video.
The Turkish digital artist has made a name for himself — both online and in the gallery circuit — for his surreal, looping works. In keeping with the demands of the art form, Incis videos consist of short, one- to two-second clips looped in an endless run. Istanbul features prominently in the backdrop of his work, as does Inci himself.

Taksim SpiralCourtesy Erdal Inci

BadtripCourtesy Erdal Inci

The city has really nice scenery and a beautiful light scene. Ive decided to use this beautiful scenery as a decoration of some show. Ive decided to use it as a set, he says.
Inci seems to favor theater terms. Though his audience tends to view his work from their living rooms, he still sees what he does as a public performance, albeit it one in which he plays all the roles.

Light DomeCourtesy Erdal Inci

PictogramCourtesy Erdal Inci

RatsCourtesy Erdal Inci

He is the cast. Though there may be only one of him, he is able to use cloning tools to make more. He is also the crew; he is at once choreographer, director, editor and distributor.
You cant put on a show in a public space without permission from the municipality. If you want a crowd scene, you need too many people. With this technique, I have a chance to show choreography to people in any possible place, like Taksim Square. And I just need one person. Thats why I use myself — its the easiest way to do it. When you clone yourself, you can create an army that will move as you want. You dont need any production or special cameras, he says.
His looping selfie army can be slightly comical, but it can also be eerie and haunting, which is precisely the effect hes going for.
Sometimes people tell me they find my work spooky or scary. To hear that the work makes people feel something is the best comment for me, he says.
Though his GIFs, once looped, contain a mere second or two of footage, it can take Inci as much as ten days to film and edit a single piece. To make sure he is alone with his city when filming, he usually sets up his camera on a fixed tripod between 3am and 5am.
Some people are out that time of day, he concedes.

In KarakoyCourtesy Erdal Inci

Hierapolis AmphitheatreCourtesy Erdal Inci

FieldCourtesy Erdal Inci

Sometimes they wont see the camera, because its far away, and theyll just see me streaming nonsense, or running on a spiral path, like a crazy man.
Inci says he finds comfort in the patterns hes able to create using just himself, a light source and the background.
I create a human pattern. I can fill a space with those patterns. I have a chance to draw a line with people. The repetition makes me personally relaxed, he says.
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